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Join Us!  

Barbra Curtiss has always taken pride in Mentoring agents to become their own future Independent Business Owner.  Many companies do not want to mentor, train or teach agents on how to prepare to become a Broker much less moving on to opening a real estate brokerage.  Barbra Curtiss has always looked for Agents that shares her "3-A Qualities" and "Growth Inspirations" to Accomplish their personal Goals and Dreams!

3-A Qualities


               1.     Attitude

        2.   Accountability

        3.   Activity

6 Basic Growth Inspirations

           1.   Open Minded to learn verses Argue

        2.   Coachable

        3.   People Person

        4.   Money Motivated for the Right Reason

        5.   Hard Worker

        6.   Desire to Become Your Own Company



Barbra Curtiss Realty's Offering to Agents is Simple:


  *     80% commission with no monthly fees.


  *    E&O Insurance Included Free


  *    Free CE Courses through National Society University owned by Barbra Curtiss.


  *    Access to BPO Clients in order to start making commission instantly through:  

         a.   Broker Price Opinion Orders

         b.   Site Inspections

         c.   New Data Collection Program where Agents assist Appraisers.


 *     Company Owned Supra lock boxes can be signed out free of charge.


 *     For Sale Signs are provided free of charge, agent would be responsible for                                                     their name/phone number riders or agent can purchase their own branded signs. 


 *     Broker will provide 250 Business Cards free of charge during the Agents 90 -day orientation period.



Upon joining Barbra Curtiss Realty Inc all Agents will complete a 90-day training Program to cover Sales & Marketing, Company Operations, FMLS Registration and full review of the Barbra Curtiss Realty (BCR) Policy and Procedure Manual which is a requirement of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, (GREC). 


Agent will be required to complete 40-hours of one-on-one training with Barbra Curtiss, Broker either in persson or Zoom 1-hour meetings within a 90-day training period.  At the end of the 90-day training period and Agent feels comfortable with the Barbra Curtiss Realty work ethics and training, Broker and Agent will move forward from the Interim Independent Contractor Agreement to the Official  Barbra Curtiss Realty Inc Independent Contractor Agreement required by GREC.  Agent will then be required to join the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors to become a Designated Realtor.  Agent will have 30 days after completing the BCR training to join the Board of Realtors.   



For more information call Barbra Curtiss, Broker/Owner, office 770-886-5312 or cell 404-405-7757 


Barbra Curtiss Realty Inc is located on the Town Square at

 107 W Courthouse Square, Suite 107, Cumming GA 30040.  

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